Enterprise Networking

Knowledge is a company's greatest asset. Access to accurate and timely information demands data networking solutions which are flexible and robust… New applications must be integrated, which could over-saturate the existing infrastructure…Mergers and acquisitions require organizations to develop a data network infrastructure which will allow the newly formed business entity to grow rapidly and respond immediately…Business factor such as those listed above demand enterprise networking solutions which are well designed in order to ensure future growth and success.

Switches, firewalls, routers and LAN/WAN links lie at the heart of computing environments and form the basis for connectivity and data transfer. Although the components of this infrastructure are highly reliable, the impact of potential outages or limitations can be devastating. As such, most organizations seek to ensure the efficient operation of their distributed computing environment.

Engineering Services from Network Builders responds to this market need. Network Builders provides a proven, cost-effective methodology for the design, implementation and maintenance of mission critical networks.

Network Builders networking solution is comprehensive and systematic. Our highly trained professionals will assess your existing network, along with understanding current and future requirements and based on this understanding we can recommend and implement a solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our design team follows a four-phase project approach when designing and implementing a customer's network.

Hafeet Enterprise Networking Solutions

Hafeet Enterprise Networking Solutions is a business and employment referral company dedicated to highlighting the vast amount of business and professional talents and services of the minority community that are severely underutilized and to provide consumers with a more diverse choice of goods and services..

In Networking Promotions, Hafeet Enterprise Network offers it clients better positioning in the market by increasing their visability through our networking and promotional relationships. As our network of urban professionals and business owners alike continues to expand throughout the Midwest, our vested interest is in the immediate viability of area business and its artistic talent. If you are interested in utilizing our services to connect with the professional minority market, feel free to contact us at anytime.